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Melanoma Center of Excellence Criteria

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MHN Melanoma Center of Excellence

It is our goal to create the premier listing of melanoma treatment centers across the country, so patients can easily locate those centers and doctors across the country that offer the most complete spectrum of care in the treatment of melanoma.
Melanoma Centers of Excellence are treatment centers that provide exceptional and comprehensive care, knowledge and compassion to their patients.
Invitations have been extended to centers and physicians demonstrating:
  • Extensive experience as a melanoma clinician
  • A superior reputation among their peers
  • A commitment to offer a full spectrum of patient care
  • The dedications to continued learning within the field
  • Participation in clinical trials, offering treatments that patients may not otherwise be able to receive
  • Ability to provide support services for patients and families
  • A dedication to local and/or national sun safety and melanoma education efforts
Participation in the program is as easy as it is rewarding.  There is no fee.  Participating centers are expected only to:
  • Continue meeting the criteria of participation as a Melanoma Hope Network Melanoma Center of Excellence
  • Designate a contact person or MHN liaison for referrals and other information needs

In return Centers will enjoy:

  • Recognition on the Melanoma Hope Network website at
  • Listing of the center’s clinical trials on MHN exclusive melanoma-specific “trial-finder” search engine
  • Increase patient referrals
  • Access to MHN’s informative website for patients and families
  • Access to MHN’s educational and patient materials 
Specific Application Requirements

The Requirements to be considered for a “MHN Melanoma Center of Excellence” are as follows:

  1. Center must have the ability to treat ALL stages of melanoma among cooperating clinicians (Stage I thru IV).
  2. Center must have the equivalent of 0.5 FTE (full time employed) physician doing melanoma treatment (ie. one doctor with 50% of caseload being melanoma, two doctors with 25% of caseload being melanoma, three doctors with 15-20% of caseload being melanoma,…).
  3. Center must have multiple disciplines under one roof or working agreements between collaborating groups that provide patient with seamless care in dermatology, surgery (general or surgical oncology), medical oncology, and radiation oncology.
  4. Center must have at least two melanoma specific clinical trials actively recruiting.
  5. Center should be able to provide a doctor and nurse or office staff person as a MHN contact person / team leader for referrals and other information needs.
  6. Center must provide a short paragraph that describes the support services that are available to their patients and their families.  These services may be provided directly by the center or via collaborative arrangements with other support agencies.
  7. Center must provide a short paragraph that describes how this center participates in community education efforts either locally or nationally
We hope that you will consider making this commitment to the Melanoma Hope Network and patients battling melanoma. Should you chose to complete the application and the eligibility requirements are met, your name and your center will be added to our website.  Your center will also be listed in any media announcements, advertisements and publications that MHN produces about the Centers of Excellence.
We are hopeful that our website will continue to be a source of information to melanoma patients and their families, and that by referring to our website, they will have the ability to locate a health care provider close to them, as well as any clinical trials that they may be eligible for.  We are making an effort to help those in need get medical care expeditiously, in an effort to change their prognostic outcome.  With your help, and the help of others, we are hopeful that we can make a difference in the diagnosis, treatment, and success rates of metastatic melanoma.